Starquest has many automated machines that players can use to mine, transport items, farm and a multitute of other things as well.

The rest of the machines: for right now check out MachinaCraft's Bukkitdev page. Every module of MachinaCraft is installed and functioning on the server. This page will eventually be replaced with a more StarQuest-specific explanation of these machines.
Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Basic Machina (SQ)

Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Basic Machina (SQ)

So you don't have to read, ya lazy blaggards!



  • Elevators - an alternative to ladders
  • HoverPad - a small craft that won't get stuck to other objects like spaceships will.


  • MachinaPump - Fill or drain an area of water
  • Portcullis - A group of fences or iron bars that will all move up and down, like a castle gate

Donation Perks (not available anymore)Edit

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