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This page has a list of alternate StarQuest resource packs made by the community with respective screenshots.

Antharann's Alternate Pack[]

This is a 32x resource pack made by Antharann for the StarQuest server.

Antharann's Alternate Pack


. This pack uses the "Faithful x32" resource pack as a base to edit off of.






Lightning31's Alternate Pack[]

Lightning31's Alternate Pack

This is a 16x resource overlay for the standard textures made by Lightning31 for the StarQuest server.


  • Pumpkin: Space Helmet (Includes Internal Pumpkin)
  • Sponge: Multipurpose Ship Console
  • Piston: Cannon Component
  • Bow: Blaster
  • Arrow: Blaster Battery
  • Door: {Iron or Wood} Framed Door
  • Sign: Multipurpose Computer


Tarkaris' Alternate Pack: StarBorn[]

This texture pack is planned to make StarQuest look unique and serve as an excellent 32x resource pack while utilizing the original sounds from StarQuest's default pack. Currently work in progress (especially sponges), this texture pack is still being worked on.  


Tarkaris' Alternate Pack

acetrainer890 (Shotgun Turtle)'s Alternate Pack: Open Helmets[]

A simple texture pack with one goal, to change the normal textrue pack helmets with one without a mask. This used in Shotgun Turtles (me) Starquest LP


IHazFury's Alternate Pack[]

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