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WARNING: This planet belongs to an past starquest and will not be avaible anymore. You can download the planet save file here:

A view of Bosquevine from space.

Across the galaxy, Boskevine is known as a green planet rich with plant and wildlife. The surface of this great planet mostly consists of dense, swampy jungle with many scattered rivers and lakes.  The surface of the planet is not very accessable by large space ships due to the plentiful amount of monstrous trees and low bushes.  Like Quavara, the depths of Bosquevine contain a fair amount of minerals necessary for any thriving player.  Boskevine is a fairly popular location for colonists due to the abundance of resources and high compatibility with melon farming; not to mention the occasional failed pirate attack, a mere echo of the planet's violent past. The original settlers of the planet named it Bosquevine. However, later generations have taken to an alternative spelling of Boskevine. This new spelling is the one used on modern star charts, although it's not uncommon to see the spelling interchanged.


An endless maze of jungle swampland.

This planet is the 3rd planet from the sun making it very tropical. Landing a ship on this planet can be very difficult due to the tall, tropical tree-tops, so most land on the water or in the trees, creating grand treehouses or river strongholds with large underground passageways and living spaces. However, if one does manage to make it on land, travel becomes far easier as the trees are never too dense for a player to slip through.

A tranquil lake on the surface of Boskevine, but danger lurks in the shadows...

The jungle-like floor of this planet contains mass amounts of smaller trees and shrubs. All along the planet's ground, there are many small lakes and rivers. Squid can be seen in large, rare groups here.


Beneath the jungle of Boskevine are lots of valuable resources.  Air pockets can be found occasionally deep underground, alongside abundant coal and moderate iron, copper (redstone), lead (Gold), lapis lazuli, ruby (emerald), and diamond deposits.


There are only two known native animal species on this planet: spiders and ocelots. As stated above, squids were once released in the rivers and lakes, and can also be found here. The air supply is abundant from the lush greenery and the humidity is ideal for the growth of plant-life, however only native plants seem to grow in the rich and selective soil of Bosquevine. A great and confusing variety of trees can also be found, often with atypical leaves. Some large birch trees contain white wool.


Mobs: Spiders, ocelots, squid

Plants: Jungle trees of all sorts, vines, melon, pumpkin, cocoa beans, sugarcane, mushrooms

Minerals: Coal, iron, lapis lazuli, diamonds, emeralds, Lead (Gold)

Other Resources: String, ink sacs, spider eyes


X -1498   Z -55



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