NOTE: While this page is revamped, please check the documentation at the source:: Machina Builder

The advanced pattern builder uses a moving headpiece that enables it to build a bridge.


  • Builds a bridge with a maximum depth of 3 blocks.
  • Builds with a pattern you specify in the back chest. (up to 3x3)
  • Supports rail building like the other builders!
  • Supports rotation with signs like the other builders!

Required PartsEdit

  • 2-6 Fences
  • 3-7 Wooden Planks
  • 1-3 Iron Blocks
  • 2 Chests
  • 1 Furnace
  • 1 Lever

Place the blocks as in the image below. You can leave the left and right side out for a thinner builder.

Place the pattern you would like to build in the back chest, on the left side. The pattern can be anywhere from 1x1 up to 3x3.

Materials used for the actual building go in the front chest.

Provide some fuel in the furnace and rightclick the lever to make it build your pattern!