Cannons are a ship captain's primary artillery, and are created in a simple manner. They require two blocks; a Mechanical Block and a pusher. Place the Mechanical Block down. Place the pusher beside the Mechanical Block in such a way that the pusher head faces away from the Mechanical Block. 

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The basic layout of a cannon. Cannons can be oriented any direction besides up or down.

That's a cannon. That's it.

Your ship has limits to the number of cannons it can have. Visit the Ship Types page for more information on the limits for each type of ship. Cannons will be absolutely instrumental to your success on StarQuest, so we suggest that you have as many cannons as you can(non.)

To fire your cannons, pilot your ship. Then, left-click with your ship controller in the direction that you want to shoot your cannons. Only the guns facing that same direction will fire: so for example, if your ship has two cannons facing forward and one cannon facing backwards, looking forwards and left-clicking would fire the forward cannons, while looking backwards would fire the rearwards-facing cannons. Cannons are rapid-fire and will shoot as fast as you can click.

The color of the round fired (a stained glass block) depends on the color of the polymer block directly behind the mechanical block. If there is no polymer block behind the cannon, the round will be white.