Contracts is a system for obtaining credits, used for unlocking certs.

How to find and complete contracts Edit

Type in the command /contract available [type]. After you have found the contract that you'll select, type in the command /contract new [type] #. After you've done that, you collect the resource that you'll need for completing the contract

To complete a contract you will need to obtain the items required, and a ship with storage crates. Put the items in a crate and fly to the eco station that the contract requires. Then, while still piloting the ship, you will have to type in the command "/contract complete #", without quotation marks and substituting the actual contract number instead of the "#".


/contract complete 2

You can get the contract number by using "/contract list" like below, and can hold a maximum of 5 contracts at a time (numbered 0-4).

Commands Edit

Here are commands that you need to complete contracts:

Command Answer
/contract available [type] Gives a list of new contracts of the given type
/contract new [type] # Accept a certain contract (number is at the beginning of contract)
/contract list Lists your currently held contracts
/contract wanted See all the players on the wanted list
/contract complete # Completes the selected contract
/contract remove #

Removes the selected contract

/contract stats This shows your current number of points of each contract type

Types of contracts Edit

Here you will see certain contracts you can get

Merchanting Edit

These contracts are assigned by eco stations and require you to obtain a certain amount of items for cash. Doing so will earn you a bit of money as well as 1 Trading point. Merchanting allows you to unlock Transport ships with potential for a third Dropper Capacity level.
Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Contracts Willow Part 1 (SQ)-0

Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Contracts Willow Part 1 (SQ)-0

Piracy Edit

These contracts, assigned by the black market, require you to hunt down a player and obtain their data core(s). Doing a piracy contract will result in you being on the wanted list until completion. Completing piracy contracts will gain you 1 infamy point. Piracy allows you to unlock Combat ships with a third Guns level.

Smuggling Edit

These contracts are almost the same as Merchanting, assigned by the Black Market. It's good, since you will receive more money. Bad thing is that you'll find your self on the wanted list. Completing smuggling contracts will reward you 1 smuggling point and the cash reward. Smuggling allows you to earn Transport ships with potential for a third Speed level.

Philanthropy Edit

Philanthropy contracts are one of the easiest contracts but they are also the most costly. They are donations to certain programs spanned across the universe. They earn you cosmetic and utility ships like yachts and miners. Doing a contract earns you 1 Philanthropy point.

Privateering Edit

If accepted, you must hunt people who are on the wanted list and obtain their data core(s). You'll gain 1 reputation point if you complete a Privateering contract. Privateering earns you Combat ships with potential for a third Armor upgrade.

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