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Crypods were a new feature added 13/11/2014. They were meant as a replacement for the old bedspawn system, which Dibujaron stated did not work well with bungeecord.

They are a multiblock structure that set a players spawn point. If they are made from wool they can also be moved with ships.

To build one of these you just need eight pieces of any glass you want, a sign, a door and sixteen of whatever block you would like.



Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Cryopods (SQ)

Movie about cryopods

First you need to put a block of glass on the ground. Then place four blocks next to it.On top of one of these blocks, place a door. Then place two blocks of stained glass on top of the other three blocks. Make it a square by filling in the blocks besides the glass. Then place a block on top of the three glass and the door. Then put a final piece of glass in the middle of these blocks. Then the cryopod otself is built, put a sign inside the cryopod opposite to the door saying [cryopod]


  • Sets your bedspawn at the pod
  • Can make active to always spawn in the cryopod when logging in
  • can be used as an escape pod.: 


When breaking block behind the cryopod sign the cryopod wont remove and your spawn will be at that space. to fix it: build a new cryopod.