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Steep Cliff that surrounds The Flat mainland and the Lava rivers.

Drakos was introduced in the Bungee Beta Build 1. It was primarily composed of stone with lava rivers and patches of obsidian.

Drakos disappeared on June 31, 2014, along with a completely unrelated planet called Inaris and its moon, Luna Inaris. While the cause of these disappearances are unknown, researchers are still trying to find out what happened. Scientists have contemplated some violent reaction which caused its lava lakes to overflow and destroy the planet, turning it into an even more hostile planet, and due to core Instability, the planet quickly imploded. Fortunately there were no players on it at the time, and nobody nearby was harmed.


Drakos consisted of three main biomes: the lava lakes to the southwest, the obsidian plateaus to the east, and the ashy landmass carved with lava rivers and dotted with volcanoes of all sizes.


There was a free spaceport on the surface near the initial atmospheric entry point. There were also a small settlement to the west of the spaceport, an abandoned Slayers structure to the south, a disused Suidobashi settlement on an obsidian island to the east, and a FocalOres base to the northwest.


There was only one mob on Drakos: the dreaded lava slime. This vile creature grew to the wingspan of a noobfighter and split into 4 smaller lava slimes each time a player attacked it. The charred remains of the planet were completely inhospitable to plants.


Mobs:  Lava slimes 

Plants:  None

Minerals: Coal, Iron, Copper (Redstone), Diamonds, and Obsidian, Lead (Gold), Aquamarine (Lapis Lazuli)

Other Resources: Magma Cream, Lava