Dynmap is a map service that can be accessed from your web browser, similar to MapQuest or Google Maps. The biggest difference is that it displays the locations of players, as well as the in game chat, in real time. 

The StarQuest dynmap can be found here

Navigating the mapEdit

Left click and drag the map to pan. To zoom in, you can double left click, use the scroll wheel on your mouse, the '+' button in the upper left corner or hit the '+' key on your keyboard. To zoom out, use the scroll wheel, the '-' button in the upper left corner, or the '-' key.

You can navigate to a planet (or back to space) by hovering your mouse over the the right side of the page (there's an arrow pointed towards the center of the page you can click on aswell). You should see the names of the planets above 3 icons. The left most icon is the top down view for that area. The middle one is the 3D/isometric surface view for that area. The right most icon is for the 3D/isometric cave view of that area, where green typically represents a higher elevation than blue.


There are several layers on the map which you can toggle on and off. The layers button is in the upper left, right below the '+' and '-' zoom buttons. From here you can choose if you want to see Players, Towns, Markers (the points where you enter from space to a planet and the orbits of planets), Factions, and the World Border of planets. While you can see Towns and Factions, it's important to know that WorldGuard doesn't display on the map.

Mis. FeaturesEdit

The in game chat displays in two places, in the bottom left corner and above the players heads. Seeing text above a players head can be extreamely useful if you're trying to carry on a conversation and there is a lot going on in the chat.

To the left of the chat is a link icon. Clicking that will refresh your browser with a link that centers the view where you are currently looking. This is useful if you want to show someone else a spot on the map, but don't want to describe how they can find it.

In the upper left you can see the coordinates that corespond to where your mouse is hovering. 

In game time is displayed at the top of the page, letting you know if it's day or night on the server.

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