Using the ElevatorsEdit

By clicking on the "Dest:" sign of the elevator above the button, you can change where the elevator will take you.  Stand on the block in front of the signs and press the button.

Creating a New ElevatorEdit

An Elevator is created with a few simple easy steps:

  1. Create a hollow vertical shaft in a size of your choice from 1x1 up to 15x15.  The whole shaft must be the same size.
  2. At the very bottom of the elevator, place solid blocks of Iron.  These form the base level floor of the elevator.
  3. On the wall next to the shaft at the lowest height you may optionally place a sign with the 2nd line being the name you wish to call that floor.  This name will show up on your Destination sign. (Note: This step is strictly speaking optional.)
  4. Above the Name sign (or blank spot) you must place a button.
  5. Above the button, place a blank sign.
  6. For the elevator to work, you must have at least one other floor.  Additional floors can be added above the base one by making a floor of glass and then adding the same two signs and buttons as above.
  7. You may continue to add as many floors as you wish.

When you have added all the floors you want, right- or left-click the blank sign to make it update and show destination floor. This does not mean you cannot add more floors, as the sign will update again when you interact with it.

Addtional Information:

  • You may cover the glass and iron of your elevator floors with carpet.
  • Since the button, sign, and glass is all that is needed for a floor, you can create a spaceship that supports an Elevator going into and out of it when you line up the glass with the bottom destination (e.g. level 1 in your base, level 2 on ship)

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