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WARNING: This planet belongs to an past starquest and will not be available anymore. You can download the planet save file here:

A view from one of the Rivers or Emera and the lush forest that surrounds it.

Emera is a planet introduced in the Bungeecord Beta 1. As part of the new solar system, this planet has luscious forests  and unique large oak trees.


Emera is a rich forest planet and it is this forest which give the planet the unique nutrients that allow plant growth at such a high level.  Cutting through the vast forests of Emera are many of the planets tranquil rivers which have formed Emera's surface into the five great continents.



The faction SkyDogs has controlled the planet and will kill everyone who enters.If you wish to besiege it,It is recommended to bring Heavy-Duty weaponry and enforced harrassmant should be done.


This planet is inhabited by a rare evolved form of zombie which are a lot deadlier than their Quavarian counterparts as they have mastered the art of making themselves completely unseen apart from their hats which are made of high quality blocks. Along with these dangerous evolved zombies comes the pig, a peaceful, tameable animal. 


Mobs: Pigs, Zombies 

Plants: Oak and Birch trees, Tall Grass, Grass, Tall Fern, Fern, Allium, Rose Bush

Minerals: Iron, Coal, Rubies


The Dynmap to Emera can be see here