History of Grandhaven Edit

Grandhaven was founded by XXZeldafan and Co-founded by TheBossManGamer on Kelkakaria where a crater of Serenity is now located. It's exists because back when XXZeldafan and TheBossManGamer were Corsairs (Pirates), factions had explosions on, and every so often they would find their base blown up and their flagship got blown up. So they switched to towny so they could protect their base better. Their town was pretty much a big shipyard, which at the time they thought was good. Soon after the creation of the town, Coolwolf (a settler) joined the town and quickly rose to a leadership position in the town. He is now a corsair and the leader of TUPA's armies. Soon wars broke out against Grandhaven and a powerful group called Unstable. Many of the battles were located at the town, cluttering the area around the town. After time passed they thought it was time to pack up and move to another planet since their town was so unorganized and unatractive. They moved to Acualis hoping to make a better organized town and they created a nation called TUPA (The United People of Acualis).

Grandhaven (Present) Edit

Grandhaven is now the Capital of TUPA which holds control of Acualis. If you are looking for someone in charge of TUPA, Grandhaven is the place to go. (in progress)