Heavy Freighters. A step above light freighters. Lots of cargo, not much speed, not much cannon.



Heavy freighters are the second tier of cargo hauling craft. They offer two cannons to the light freighter's one, but their greater size and immense weight makes them the slowest ships around. Their large, ponderous bulk makes them a pirate magnet, and being so large eliminates stealth as an option for avoiding marauders. Most heavy freighters hire a gunship or two to escort and protect them. The cost of the gunships is well worth it, however, as at maximum capacity they can carry 180 storage crates, more than twice the capacity of a light freighter. Heavy Freighters are most often found in the employ of larger towns or higher-rank colonists; most pirate factions have little use for them. The high cost of the minimum 1001 wool required to make one of these huge vessels makes them much rarer than their light freighter counterpart. The next level of freighter above heavy is the super freighter .


Heavy freighters are by achieving the rank of affluent on the colonist track or buccaneer on the pirate track. They are available to both tracks, though much more used by the colonists than the pirates.