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WARNING: This planet belongs to an past starquest and will not be availble anymore. You can download the planet save file here

A view of Iffrizar from space

The fourth planet from the sun is the icy planet known as Iffrizar. This planet is well known for its frigid temperatures and icy climate, though it is far from uninhabitable. In fact many colonists brave the constant sub-zero temperatures to thrive upon the surface of Iffrizar, as there is plentiful wood, food, and mineral resources.  Along with the brave colonists looking to start their empire, Iffrizar is also home to many great ship architects as it is one of the main sources of polymer in the Digitalia System due to its high amounts of sheep .

Environment []

A view from one of the frozen rivers

The surface of Iffrizar contains icy rivers cutting across the planet, dense, wintry forests, stretches of arctic tundra, and snowy mountain ranges that reach into the clouds. The hard, frozen ground makes it difficult for anything besides the native trees to grow on Iffrizar, along with the lack of sunlight, so much of the planet is overgrown with frozen trees. However, colonists have managed to successfully introduce a species of agricultural wheat to the planet.

Geology []

While the planet remains cold and frigid, it contains a fair amount of minerals below its hard, frozen crust. Small deposits of coal, unrefined lead (gold) and iron have been mined up from the frozen stone, though not nearly in enough quantity to nominate this planet as a major ore exporter.


The known inhabitants of Iffrizar are sheep, cows, and the mysterious Endermen. Wolves used to inhabit the forests, but have long ago been hunted to near-extinction by the colonies settling the planet. The thick-furred sheep and cows, however, exist in abundance across the frozen planet. The sheep here are a great source of polymer (wool), a material used for ship-building, and this animal contributes to the planet's popularity with tradesmen and shipbuilders.

Cows are more sparse than the sheep, but have been bred in captivity for their beef, insulated leather, and nutritious, fatty milk.

The only hostile native inhabitant on Iffrizar are the slipspace creatures, Endermen.  They exist in numerous amounts, and have an unusual ability to teleport short distances. They are not directly hostile toward non-natives, however. It is only when you look at them that they become aggressive and strike. At night they come out in mass, but in the day time they spread out and are fewer in number. When killed, they can drop Ender Pearls, which are assumed to be their teleportation devices. When thrown, they can teleport its user to the point where it breaks. Though this isn't recommended, as the device is not designed for humanoid usage and results in minor injury.


Mobs : Enderman, cows, sheep, wolves

Plants: Frozen trees, grass, mushrooms

Minerals : Iron, coal, lead (gold), copper dust (redstone dust)

Other Resources: Ender Pearl, polymer (wool), beef, leather, milk


X -2629   Z -1908