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A view of Inaris and her Asteroid Belt from space

Inaris, the third planet from the sun, was an uninhabitable gas giant that was not safe for humans to land on. The concentrated gases caused anything entering Inaris' atmosphere to burst and disintegrate on impact. However, it had an asteroid belt that is known across the galaxy to contain small deposits of ore. Its moon, Luna Inaris, was also a destination for space explorers and colonists.

Inaris disappeared June 31, 2014, along with its moon, Luna Inaris, and a completely unrelated planet, Drakos. Scientists think that some violent reaction caused Inaris to implode, destroying its only moon as well (luna Inaris).


Inside the Asteroid Belt of Inaris

While no explorer had been able to travel close enough to Inaris to see the landscape through the thick, swirling gaseous atmosphere, the planet's asteroid belt was a frequent hotspot for planetary explorers and tradesmen. The ring of frozen rocks told tales of every region of the universe they have frequented. Harvesting the minerals from these asteroids was a dangerous mission as there was no protective atmosphere surrounding them. An explorer would have needed a reliable spacecraft and space travel equipment to traverse the belt.


The asteroid belt of Inaris held minerals too numerous to name and not all of them were confirmed before its destruction. Each asteroid had a unique makeup and composition. There have been reports of unrefined metals, organic materials, and stone.


As there was no atmosphere surrounding the asteroid belt, no living organisms could have survived upon the orbiting rocks without proper equipment.


Mobs: None

Plants: Leaves

Minerals: Dirt, Stone, Glass, Sand, Ice, Obsidian, Brick, Hell Brick (Nether Brick), Wood


X: 2466   Z: -1036

Map of the Asteroid Belt: