Introducing JammersEdit

Jammers are a utility device used most commonly by pirates, and sometimes by colonists as a defense system. Their purpose is to deactivate enemy Slipdrives or Autopilot, therefore rendering all players in their radius to a fairly slow getaway pace.

Building your JammerEdit

Building a Jammer may seem hard, but once you understand which block goes where, it will be a lot easier than you expect. A jammer may seem expensive, but it can be built in many different ways that reduce the cost if you don't have the needed resources.

To build a jammer, you must first acquire at least 15 iron bars, a sponge, a sign, and three blocks of polymer (wool). This ending result will not be pretty but it will be operational. To make the "pretty" version, you will need the following:

    • 6 Iron Blocks (45 Ingots)
    • 3 Wool Blocks
    • 1 Sponge
    • 9 Iron Bars
    • 1 Sign

To assemble your jammer, place your three wool blocks vertically. The bottom-most block will have the activation sign on it, which is essential for use. On the top of the wool tower, place two iron blocks, facing upwards, pointing in the same direction. On the topmost iron block,first place your sponge on the side. This will determine the direction of the jammer. It won't matter what side it is, the jammer's direction is purely cosmetic. Next, place iron bars on the top and sides of the topmost iron block, On the side opposite of your sponge, do not place the bars. Now, place more iron blocks on the top, bottom, and sides of the sponge. This will form a small, flower-shaped side to your jammer. Where this side points outwards, place iron bars over the 4 iron blocks and sponge. This will cover them up. Place an extra, outwards iron bar on the sponge. Your assembled jammer will appear to look like some sort of gun.

    • Or, if you don't like reading, watch the Jammers tutorial video.

Effects of a JammerEdit

    • Jammers can only be activated on a piloted ship or ground vehicle.
    • Jammers effect all players in a range of 100 blocks.
    • Jammers effect your Autopilot as well as others.
Jammers Tutorial

Jammers Tutorial