Jmr Enterprises is a branch company located on the eastern side of Kelakaria. It currently owns one main branch: AlZap delivery service. There are plans on opening a Chestshop chain that sells chicken

History Edit

Jmr Enterprises began as a melon export company on Valadro, named: Arctonian Melon Co. (Or Arcton Melons for short). After the Babylon Vs TUPA War, arguments broke out between the two owners of the company (jmr123456 and andrewdtully). In the end, jmr123456 left Valadro and moved to Kel.

Once jmr123456 moved to Kel, he ended up taking residence in Bethlehem before using the money made from Arctonion Melon Co. to fund Jmr Enterprises and AlZap.

Branches Edit

  • AlZap Delivery Service. Delivers items all across the galaxy for fairly cheap prices.
  • Grab N' Go Chicken. (WIP)

Employees Edit

The current list of employees hired by Jmr Enterprises as of 03/06/15

  • Jmr123456: Company owner
  • ice20039: Pilot/CEO
  • Kirchir: Head Mechanic
  • KitekaYT: Head of marketing
  • fruizgalindo: Delivery boy/Trainee mechanic
  • Gaseze: Escort