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View of the mountain side border next to the forest.

WARNING: This planet belongs to an past starquest and will not be available anymore. You can download the planet save file here: ☀
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View of the forest perimeter from the riverside.

Krystallos is a planet introduced in the Bungeecord Beta 1. As part of the new solar system, it is a snowy alpine planet much akin to Iffrizar. It has lodgepole trees with diamonds buried deep in the ground.


Krystallos is a planet with only one continent but it also has a huge river carving down the middle of the planet.  Krystallos is  a mountainous planet mainly covered in snow, with the areas near the river boasting a more vibrant array of colour. 


Krystallos is one big continent, with a large lake in the middle


On Krystallos lives a unique evolved form of the Valadro native, known as an Earth-Walker. The Krystallos native wears iron armour and a dropper for its hat, similar to the Emerian zombie.  It chooses to keep its skin invisible and can only be seen by its equipment , this means you have to be careful. Emus are found to be extremely prevalent here.

Ore Distributions Edit

6 random 16x16 areas were scanned with Schematica to calculate average ore distributions on Krystallos. Ores not listed in the table are not found on Krystallos.

Krystallos Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 Area 5 Area 6 Average
Coal Ore 178 55 100 189 70 309 150.17
Lapis Ore 25 32 31 31 17 30 27.67
Copper Ore 17 38 48 45 38 45 38.50
Diamond Ore 1 10 20 6 2 6 7.50
Lead Ore 16 19 14 11 22 12 15.67

Resources Edit

Mobs:  Skeletons(with iron armor and dropper as head), Chickens

Plants: Oak trees

Minerals: Copper (redstone), Lead (gold), Coal , Lapis Lazuli, Diamonds

Other Resources: Sugarcane, Flowers, Snow


Krystallos is located at X: -3408, Z: 2072 The Dynmap for Krystallos can be seen here

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