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A view of Luna Inaris from space.

Luna Inaris was the only moon of the gas giant Inaris, orbiting very close to the dangerous asteroid belt. An ocean planet seemingly devoid of life, the planet's rich secrets hidden deep beneath the water. The ocean floor hid massive wet caves with shimmering, exotic colors that overwhelmed adventurers with their scale. However, the blaster-armed natives of Valadro  congregated in these rich caves and exploited the rich geology. This made extracting the riches extremely dangerous.

The aquatic moon disappeared June 31, 2014, along with Inaris and Drakos.


Luna Inaris was entirely covered in a vast and deep ocean, with no form of land visible across the entire surface. However, if one took a submersible down beneath the shifting water, a short dig would have revealed the hidden gem of Luna Inaris: the vast and richly decorated caves. Full of clay of every imaginable color, thick quicksand, and cascading waterfalls, these caves were a beautiful sight for even the most experienced explorer.


Spaceships could not go under the waters of Luna Inaris because of the extreme currents. The caves were one of the richest sources of diamonds in the solar system, vastly outstripping the dune mines of Quavara and the quarries of Kelakaria. In addition to the rich gem deposits, spelunking the caves here would have brought copious quantities of copper (redstone), enough to supply even the most technical builders. Encasing all this wealth is another fairly uncommon material: stained clay. A rainbow of stained clay could be mined in the gemstone halls of Luna Inaris.


However, a beauty of this magnitude cannot be expected to go untouched in a solar system this dangerous. The native skeleton clan of Valadro set up camp here, seeking the riches for themselves. An explorer had to be wary of well-aimed blaster shots from across the open caves, that could potentially knock them off, injuring or killing them. However, in contrast to the Valadro breed, those stationed on Luna Inaris had a new threat consisting of hulking raiders, armed with deadly poison. These so-called "Wither Skeletons" were a threat to even the most seasoned veterans, fighting savagely and sapping strength with their wicked toxin. If one was lucky enough, the brutes would have dropped the source for almost all brewing: Satan's Stalk. This was the only known place in the system to find this rare plant. It should also be noted that while crops did grow on the oceanic moon, they did so at an exceedingly slow rate.


Mobs: Skeleton, Wither Skeleton

Plants: None

Minerals: Copper (Redstone), Diamonds, Hardened Clay, Glowstone

Other Resources: Bones, Blaster Packs (Arrows), Wither Skulls, Satan's Stalk (Nether Wart)

Former Coordinates[]

X: 2460, Z: -1020