What Is Machina?[edit | edit source]

        Machina is a plugin on Starquest that allows players to make anything from giant drills burrowing into the crust, to conveyer belts that automatically craft items, to automatic cultivators. The possibilities are endless! There are 4 types of Machina, all which need to be unlocked. These are:

There are some other tools not covered in the scope of this page, check out the plugin here

How Do I Work My Machina?[edit | edit source]

    Simply put, Machina Tools are powered by fuel, and ever type of fuel can be used (except lava!) to power your machine. The Drill, for example, uses fuel to dig through blocks. Most Machina tools have this in common: They have an expensive block (or blocks!), use a furnace to store their power, and have a chest for their output (this is reversed in the case of the builder, as physical blocks are their output, and the drill stores mined blocks in its chest). However, Machina Factory is a little bit different, so check out the plugin page or the link in this article!

Machina and Exploits[edit | edit source]

Simply put, thanks to our developers and the developers of Machina, you wont have to worry about someone drilling into your base, stealing your crops, exporting your items out of your chests, etc. As long as you have a claimed area (be it a WorldGaurd or Faction), you and the people whom you trust are the only ones that can use these fantastic machines.

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