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MachinaDrill lets the player build a drilling machine that moves forward and mines blocks in a 3X3 area in its path.

The Drill, set up horizontally


  • Activated by right-clicking a lever
  • Rotate by right-clicking the lever with a stick in hand. (does not work anymore since update 3)
  • Once activated, Drills mine blocks in their path in a 3x3 area
  • Uses fuel in its furnace to run.
  • Stops if there is no ground to move forward on, determined by the bottom center block.
  • Can be directed left or right through signs reading: <-, left, ->, right (does not work anymore since update 3)
  • Has a vertical version that can dig straight down.
  • Respects protection from region protection plugins such as WorldGuard, depending on which player activated it.

Required Parts[]

  • 2-3 Wooden Planks (depending on vertical or horizontal orientation)
  • Lever
  • Furnace
  • Chest
  • Gold Block
  • Core Drill Head:
    • Iron Block
    • Diamond Block - 20% faster, can break obsidian


The drill can operate in two manners. One that goes horizontal, and one that goes vertical.

The drill positioned to start mining out the hillside


The drill mining out the hillside


The horizontal orientation has a base of three wooden planks in a row, with a furnace next to the middle plank. On top of the furnace place a chest. Next to the chest and above the center wooden plank place the Gold block. Continuing in the same row as the chest and the Gold block, place the block you wish to use as your drill head (either an Iron block or a Diamond block). Finally, place a lever on top of the Gold block.


The Vertical orientation has a base of the drill head (either a Iron block or a Diamond block) with one wooden plank on either side of it. On top of the drill head place the Gold block. Next to the Gold block, but going perpendicular to the wooden planks, place the furnace and the chest, one on one side of the Gold block and the other on the oposite side. Finally, place a lever on top of the gold block.

The drill that digs straight down

looked from other side