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MachinaPlanter is a machina that can make dirt and grass into farmland and plant seeds in rows. It can also harvest fully grown crops.



  • Flip the lever to start harvesting
  • Tills dirt and grass into farmland
  • Can plant seeds.
  • Can use bonemeal on planted seeds.
  • Can plant nether warts in soul sand.
  • Can harvest wheat, pumpkins, melons and nether warts (configurable)
  • Uses a hoe for durability.

Required Parts[]

  • 1 Gold Block
  • 1 Brick Block
  • 1 Lever
  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Furnace
  • 1 Iron Bars
  • Fences (vary depending on farm size and setup)
  • Wood Blocks (vary depending on farm size and setup)
  • Glass Blocks (vary depending on farm size and setup)


The planter has two rails that cover a rectangle.

Note: The water is not required but keeps the farmland from decaying.

Lower Rail[]

The chest determines the direction of the lower rail. It determines which rows will be planted. A wooden plank in the rail means seeds will be planted in that row. A fence means that the row will only be tilled to farmland. A glass means that the row must be skipped altogether (no tiling, planting or harvesting). The block directly above the Brick Block can be a wooden plank or rail.

Upper Rail[]

The furnace determines the direction of the upper rail. It will move along the lower rail and contains the head of the machine that will till grass and dirt, plant seeds and harvest crops. This rail must be made of fences.

Required items[]

-Hoe Placed Top Furnace Slot

-Seeds (Of the desired type)

-Optional: Bonemeal


  • It is possible to feed the hoes into the furnace using a hopper on top of it. Bear in mind that when activating the level the brick block will be powered and the hopper will not feed the hoe.
  • The lever can be placed in any of the brick block faces
  • When designing the farm, take into account the light levels required for the crop (usually 8+).
  • You don't need a whole row of water sources on each side of the farm. A single water source will hydrate a 5x5 area.
  • The maximum size of the farm is 10x16 (upper rail x lower rail),
The planter needs seeds to plant and a hoe in the furnace or in the chest. The hoe's durability will be used for tilling soil, planting seeds and harvesting. If a hoe breaks, and there is another in the chest, it will continue with the next. If there is bonemeal in the chest, it will be used to instantly grow the planted seed several stages. Due to updated bonemeal mechanics, it will only grow the crop a few levels and may not necessarily fully grow the crop unless the planter makes several passes.