MachinaBuilder lets the player build a Machina that drains or fills an area with water or lava.

It can be used to drain or fill deep pools of water or lava.


  • Activated by right-clicking a lever
  • Builds a tube up to 9 blocks long. (configurable)
  • Drains or fills in a square below the tube.
  • Maximum depth of 8. (configurable)
  • Respects protection from region protection plugins such as WorldGuard, depending on which player activated it.
  • Fuel-free usage

Required PartsEdit

  • 1-9 Wooden Planks (water) or Iron Blocks (lava)
  • 1 Gold Block
  • Furnace
  • Cauldron
  • Lever
  • Water Bucket or Lava Bucket for the fill mode

Example for a water pump: Build a gold block with a furnace behind it. Attach a cauldron and lever anywhere to the gold block, except the front.

Fill mode: Put the wooden planks into the furnace's top slot. The pump can use up to 9. Put a water bucket in the bottom slot.

The area affected is roughly a square below the tube once it is complete. Progress for each layer is shown in the cauldron.

Drain mode: Put wooden planks in the top slot, leave the bottom slot empty.