"Re-addition of Machina Redstone Bridge: I finally got around to adding this most helpful plugin back to the server, now known as SQActivator. The new version has a slight change; in order to use it, you must put an [activator] sign on the side of the redstone bridge's brick block and right click it. The activator will only work while the player who placed it is online, to reduce lag." -Dibujaron, Sep 28, 2014

Use: Edit

-Allows redstone to activate or deactivate Machinima machinery, such as planters and relays.

-The redstone repeater of the redstone bridge must point towards the lever of the machinery being activated.

-To make an activator sign, place a sign on the brick block with [activator] in the top row and right click it.

-Everytime the redstone signal turns on the target machinery changes its state (active <-> passive). A redstone signal that turns off will not do anything to the target machinery.

-The redstone bridge will only activate when the player who made the sign is online and on the planet, and the chunks containing the redstone bridge are loaded (by any player). It is possible to have multiple activator signs (2-3 depending on build design) to allow different people to trigger the same redstone bridge.

Build: Edit

1 brick block

1 or more signs (placed on the brick block)

1 redstone repeater (ontop of brick block, pointing towards the target machinery lever)

extra blocks and wires to send a redstone signal to the repeater