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Your standard starquest inc. matter fabricator

Matter Fabricator

1: Undye-ing wool to it's dye color and white wool

2: putting a colored sheep in. Then getting the dye of the sheep, one-three white wool, and a sheep spawn egg back


  • Super furnace- smelts ores and more instantly, but has a higher fuel cost.
  • matter shifter - changes the type of wood or stone bricks you put in Oak->jungle->spruce and so forth
  • mining fabricator - generates a random mining environment filled with ores and stone that you can mine

It's a 6x6x7 block mechanism. It requires iron blocks, stone brick, glass for the walls, wood for the floor, a sign with [fabricator] and a chest + furnace for fuel/item reception.

You place blocks in the 4x4x4 space square on the inside (V=BH), (B=s^2). So it can accommodate one stack of material at a time.

The Matter Fabricator will cost credits and be upgradable and customizable.