Noklu, the largest town on Boskevine Edit

General Edit

Noklu is a large town situated on a river nearby the abandoned base of a faction called Skylords. The lifestyle here is free and unrestricted to an extent, in other words there are no rules other than to use a bit of common sense and not go broke. Most money comes from melon farming some way or another. Much of this melon farming is performed on the mayor's private Money Tower.

Chance for Prosperity 3/63 Daily LotteryEdit

The specifics of the lottery are undecided, as all of the progress so far has been in engineering a sufficient display. It is also known that drawings will be daily and tickets will cost something in the range of C500. The display will face east to allow it to be read at any point in time through the dynamic map, and will most likely be placed on top of the Money Tower.

Foreign PolicyEdit

Friendly with most entities on the server, almost never taking sides in a conflict (during the Cold War, Noklu supplied resources to both Serenity and Grandhaven); although individual members are free to side with whoever they want.