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Old Political map

Old map here to give you an idea of what politics looks like in game.

One of the most complex obstacles to your success on StarQuest is understanding the vast web of connections that define galactic politics. Knowing who is who can mean the difference between living in a hole in the ground and running a thriving empire. Understanding the political picture of the galaxy means being a step ahead of everyone that does not. Political knowledge aids in alliances, avoiding conflict, and diplomacy.

Nations Edit

Nations are groups of towns that have joined together in political union. They generally have more power then an individual town. Although the Political map is outdated, it does show most of the nations. Nations can also join alliances. For more information, try these two links.

Towns Edit

Towns are protected areas with a mayor as the leader. Settlers and those on the colonist path can join a towns. If a settler goes on the pirate path, they will be automatically kicked. If the mayor sees fit, he or she may charge taxes to fund the upkeep of the town. Towns can also join alliances. For more information, try these two links.


Factions are essentially towns that only those on the pirate path can join. However, they offer far more control than towns, the leader cannot charge tax, and the number of available plots varies depending on how recently a member has died. For more information, try this link.

Alliances Edit

Alliances are an upcoming feature that allows towns, nations, and factions to officially join together in a single organization. Whether Alliances can join Alliances is unknown.

List of All Political Organizations Edit

The wiki has a full List of Political Organizations that is updated every two weeks. If you wish people to know more information about your Nation, Town Faction or Alliance please create and fill out a page for your political group. It will be your responsibility to keep it updated and if your page is outdated it will be tagged as such.