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Working portcullis raised

The portcullis is a type of gate which moves up and down, comprised of either fences or iron bars.

[note there are new hangar doors which means portcullis will not work at all, sorry]


working portcullis lowered

  • A Portcullis will move down faster than it will move up
  • A Redstone signal will raise the portcullis
  • The Redstone signal needs to be applied not to the frame, but to the block outside the frame (in the pictures show, the redstone dust is where the signal is comming from)
  • A Portcullis will only react to a Redstone signal if there is a fence piece lined up horizontally with the source of the signal. Supplying the signal too high or too low may result in the Portucllis not responding.
  • The fences must be rectangular in their pattern. If they are not rectangular, they will not move.
  • If there is no top, the Portcullis will continue to rise into the sky until it can't raise any more, at which point the fences will break.

Required Parts[]

  • Fences/ Iron Bars
  • Blocks for the frame
  • A way to provide a redstone signal.


  • Start by creating a rectangular wall made of fences/iron bars.
  • Create a frame around it, leaving space for the fences/iron bars to move up
  • Place a block next to the frame, and put redstone dust on top. this will allow the gate to move up (see picture)
  • next, create a circuit of redstone that leads to the top of the frame, as shown
  • Make a power source, (lever, button[buttons dont work unless a repeater is added to slow signal], or pressure plate[significantly harder than just a lever]).
  • it can also be reversed and hidden underground.
  • All done! enjoy your portcullis!


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