Vital statistics
Coordinates Unknown
Level Easy
Type Wool Planet
Wool The flippin' trees yo
Hostile Mobs Spiders
Passive Mobs Wolves
Melons/Pumpkins/Sugar Cane Vanilla
Carrots/Potatoes/Wheat Low
Trees Vanilla
Special Has wool growing on the trees
Coal Low
Iron Low
Gold None
Lapis None
Redstone Vanilla
Diamond None

Rakuria is a dense jungle similar to its ancestor, Kelakaria. It features 11 different wood types and is home to spiders lurking within the darkness of this thick jungle. Rakuria is home to the only atmosphere able to grow its native polymer trees. Rakuria also is home to the wolf population. These wolves were thought to have been extinct after the solar flares decimated Iffrizar, but somebody had the forethought to save 2 of them.

Trees Edit

Wool is found very commonly on this planet and is heavily replenishable, whenever you plant a tree, it has a chance to grow into a polymer tree, which has wool.

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