There are many types of resources on planets, from animal products to plants to natural resources. This section will focus on natural resources, touching only on ores, plants, and animal products where there is a strong need (such as Wool and Glowstone).


Coal is found on:


Iron is found on:

Lead (Gold)Edit

Lead (Gold) is found on:

Copper (Redstone)Edit

Copper (Redstone) is found on:


Diamonds are found on

Polymer (Wool)Edit

Polymer (Wool) is found on:

  • Iffrizar (sheep)
  • Kelakaria (Red, Blue ,Yellow and Green Polymer on trees)
  • Boletarian (Red and Brown from mushrooms)
  • Bosquevine (Small quantities of white polymer on special trees, crafting from string)
  • Acualis (sheep)


Glowstone is found on:

Nether QuartzEdit

Nether Quartz is found on:

  • Xylos

Sugar CaneEdit

Sugarcane is naturally found on

Leather Edit

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