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Sampetra from space

Sampetra is a planet located in Trinitos Beta, and is known for its massive jungle terrain, sandy beaches with palm trees overhead, and is the successor to the jungly Boskevine. It share similarities with Nalavor. As stated, the planet is located in Trintos Beta, and is the 2nd planet from the star.


The thick jungle clouds the vision of the moutains

Sampetra consists of humid jungles not much different than those seen in normal minecraft, however, these jungles have a wide variety of trees, from bushy spruce to palm-tree oak. The jungles are located on large patches of grass, and when exploring, one would barely be able to see solid ground, mainly walking on leaves in these areas. These jungly portions are both large and sparse, in similar fashion to Rakuria, but, again, more erratic island formation and sparse

But the traveler must make no mistake: Sampetra is a mountainous planet. If one landed near said mountains, they might assume they are on a giant temple! This is because Sampetra has cobblestone and stone mountains, each of them mixing to make a natural, but a little bit suspicious (can you say, secret base?) terrain. On top of these mountains, the jungle never fails to continue.

The beaches of Sameptra, notice the Palm Trees

Within these massive oceans, we find small islands. These are primarily sand beaches, barely reaching out of the ground more than 1 or 2 blocks. On these islands are the elusive palm trees, normally found on the beaches of the large areas of land. These trees are wiry, so much so that they are fence-like! These host the rare cocoa pods, in which is the only place that brown dye can be found (Making cookies tasty and rare)!

Zoology, Botany, and Gemology[]

Sampetra, being an "other" planet (specifically the wood planet), is a surprising contender for its ores. The strange lineup of these ores include small amounts of gold and, and diamond, as well as a fair amount of lapis. This is surprising since the only other planet to have these statistics in Trinitos Beta besides Otavo, which, surprisingly (again!) is a food planet, the only difference being the presence of diamonds and lack of redstone on Sampetra.

Slimes, essentially goo formed from the sap of the trees, became sentient due to the terraforming of the land, which the fertilizer used had unknown consequences. On the non-radioactive scale, however, are the peaceful emu (chicken) and squid, which respectively, live in the jungle and under the sea. Trees, here, grow exceptionally well, and crops such as carrots, potatoes and wheat grow at their normal rates, all the while block crops (melons, pumpkins, sugarcane) barley grow!

Sampetra Facts
Vital statistics
Coordinates (625, -1080) (X,Z)
Level Medium planet
Type Other Planet (Tree)
Wool White wool in the trees
Hostile Mobs Slimes
Passive Mobs Squid - Chickens
Melons/Pumpkins/Sugar Cane Low Growth Rate
Carrots/Potatoes/Wheat Vanilla Growth Rate
Trees High Growth Rate
Special Sampetra is the only planet where cocoa beans spawn!
Coal None
Iron None
Gold Low
Lapis Vanilla
Redstone None
Diamond Low

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