NOTICE!!!! Project Willow will be changing the economics. More information next tuesday. Edit

The Spawn Shop allows players to sell the goods they've acquired for credits. It is located in the Second Floor of the Lift located in the midde of any of the 4 main Spawn Hangers, and other can be accesed by going down on a the lift to the "SuperFreighters" room. Please refrain from using this, as it was meant for huge ammounts of cargo, possibly handled by a crew.

Credits can be used to purchase licenses in both the Colonist and Pirate paths, buy items in the Admin shop and to purchase pre-built ships from the ship spawners.

To know the value of an item at the Spawn Shop, hold the item in your hand and use the /value command. It will show the price of one unit of the item (no longer valid due to server changes).

PRO-TIP: Goods that require any kind of crafting or smelting have a plus in their value over the price of the individual components. For example, an Iron Block (284c) sells for more than 9 Iron Ingots (28.95 x 9 = 260.55).

Ore Values (Last Updated June 29th, 2014)
Ore Credits
Coal 15
Coal Block 147.15
Iron Ingot 28.95
Iron Block 284
Lead Ingot (Gold Ingot) 219.7
Lead Block (Gold Block) 2155.26
Diamond 300
Diamond Block 2943
Ruby (Emerald) 100
Ruby Block (Emerald Block) 981
Aquamarine (Lapis Lazuli) 16.67
Aquamarine Block (Lapis Block) 163.53
Copper Dust (Redstone Dust) 6.25
Copper Block (Redstone Block) 61.31

Trading BoothEdit

All the trading in the Spawn Shop is done in the Trading Booths. There are multiple trading booths, each one containing a crafting table, chest and a sign. These are located above the 4 main hangars of spawn, to the north, west, east, and south. There is a lift located in the center of each hangar to access them. There are also booths located below each tree farm, with a ladder down to access.

To sell your items get into the booth, wait until the door is closed (to prevent thieves from entering) and put your items inside the chest. If you left-click the sign it will show the total amount you will receive for the items, and if you right-click it you'll sell them. Bear in mind that you can just right-click without checking the price first, to speed up the selling process.