Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Turrets & Torpedoes (SQ)-0

Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Turrets & Torpedoes (SQ)-0

How to use Torpedos

Torpedos are devastating in space combat. They can stop a ship dead in its tracks in one hit if fired accurately. 

How do they work?

First, you must place two sponges and a dispenser together. Second, you place a sign behind the last sponge labeled [torpedo]. After right-clicking the sign make sure that the torpedo is connected to your ship. Now, your torpedo launcher is ready to be fired.

How do you load and fire them?Edit

Make sure your [torpedo] sign is visible in your cockpit or your ship. Second, aim and judge your targets movement and right click the sign to fire. Your dispenser must be filled with ONE slot of a firework in all of the slots. Do not put more than one in each slot, it does not matter how many you have. After firing, your torpedo will be out of ammo so make sure it's always loaded before you go on a raid/trip.