Tractor beams allow players to attach old ships, wrecks, or even things like cargo pods without the hassle of flying the two ships into each other, or connecting them with blocks. Simply point the tractor beam at the target (within 10 blocks), and turn it on! A line of glass will appear. Redetect your ship to connect whatever you are hauling, fly it to wherever it's going, and right click the beam again to deactivate it, which removes the glass. Multiple tractor beams can be used on the same ship, so haul as many pieces of space Dib-ris  (Pun intended) or cargo pods as you want!

To build one, place a sponge, a prismarine block, and a sea lantern in a line. Put a piece of stained glass on top of the prismarine block, place a sign on the sponge with [tractorbeam] and you're good to go. Point the lantern end at your target and get hauling! As an added bonus, if you have the colored docking tubes perk, whatever color the stained glass is will be the color of the beam!


Create the tractor beam structure, and put a sign with [tractorbeam] on the sponge block.


Right click the sign. If your beam is built correctly, it will change into a tractor beam sign.


Line up your beam with whatever you want to attach. Right click the sign, and if the block it's pointed at is within 10 blocks, a beam of stained glass panes will extend. Redetect your ship to attach whatever you hit. When you're done hauling, right click the sign again to turn off the beam.

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