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WARNING: This planet belongs to an past starquest and will not be availble anymore. You can download the planet save file here:

A view of Valadro from space.

Valadro is a planet in the Digitalia system that is known across the galaxy for its fertile soil, abundant wildlife, and dangerous natives.

This planet is definitely the best for agricultural farming and breeding livestock. It is the "Food Planet" and that is one of its major exports: food. It is no wonder that this planet has some popularity among colonists and pirates alike.


Valadro is made up of savannah-like grasslands separated by many confluent rivers running from the ocean. The sunlight, rich soil, and abundant irrigation are perfect for growing crops; in fact, many extraterrestrial plants seem to do well being planted on Valadro. Large, canopy-like trees offer shade to the inhabitants of the planet and are an excellent source of building material for new colonies.


Beneath the rich soil that makes up the crust of Valadro is a dense layer of rock to the core of the planet. It holds various deposits of fossil fuel and unrefined iron ore. While there is little need to mine the coal with such an abundance of trees on the surface to burn for fuel, the iron is a valuable resource both for farming on Valadro and for use as an export to other planets. 


It is an understatement to say that there is a vast amount of wildlife that calls Valadro home. There are a number of native animals that run wild across the plains. Horses, a creature that can be tamed and riden, cows, a creature similar to the horse yet unable to withstand the weight of a humanoid, they are bred for their milk, beef, and leather, and pigs, smaller creatures which can also be ridden like horses, are bred for their pork. Although horses are listed here, wild ones have not actually been seen on Valadro for a long time. Infact, all the horses on Valadro have been rounded up and placed inside stables and pens inside the town of Avalon. Emus lived on Valadro for a long time, however the great planet terraformation made the planet unhospitable for the emus, and they died off.

While this planet has a wealth of non-hostile animal life, it also has an abundance of hostile natives. Among them being the skeletons, Valadro natives that arm themselves with blasters and huddle under the tree canopies. At night they tend to wander out to attack non-natives. The other habitants are creepers, terrifying creatures infused with explosive material, they approach non-native beings and detonate themselves, destroying whatever is closest to them.


Mobs : Skeletons, creepers, cows, pigs, horses (horses are limited, and not wild)

Plants: Trees, grass, sugarcane

Minerals : Sand, clay, gravel, dirt, coal, iron

Other Resources: Bones, Thermal Reactant, Blaster Packs, Blaster, beef, pork, leather


X -1858   Z -735