The Warp Yacht is a tier 5 utility ship which is designed for luxury. It's ability to only have 40% wool blocks allows for a great range of choices with the ship's outsides and interiors. Aside from that, since it is using the warp drive technology, it can have any block on board, including biomaterials.

Statistics Edit

Ship Name Abbrv. Name Class/Tier Blocks Wool Requiered Speed Armor Cannons Torpedos Storage Max Crates Can Carry Ships All Blocks Unlocked Credit Cost Contract Points Required
Warp Yacht WYT Utility 5 5000-25000 40% 0 (Warp Capabilities) 20% 0 0% 1% 250 Yes Yes 3,200,000 88 (P)
2015-06-15 17.33.17

The Yacht is recommended be handled as if it is a luxury ship, thus much more stylish designs can come to fit it's name. The purpouse of a Yacht is much more to be a home rather than a method of transportation, especially the warp yacht. This is due to the Warp Yacht's specific size that is big enough to be a full house, but small enough that it isn't a base for means of whole organizations, and rather private living conditions. A great example of a Warp Yacht would be the 890 Jump model, as shown.